Crystal Healing Lattice

Crystals have an organized molecular structure that can absorb, store, amplify, transduce and transmit vibrational energies as well as electromagnetic energies.   Just as silicon chips are programmed to execute computer tasks, so can crystals be programmed by storing an energy pattern in the crystal. This stored pattern is then repeated and amplified in the vibrations emitted by the crystal.  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s  work with water is graphic evidence that crystals change form and express as a result of human action.

Subtle energy researchers have shown that crystal energies can have biological effects similar to other subtle energy treatments.   This is not surprising given that the human body is composed of liquid crystals and crystal-like systems.   (James Oschman, Energy Medicine).

A crystal healing lattice is a personalized arrangement of natural crystals and AcuCrystals ™ programmed with a specific intent for your issues or concern.  Email a photo and brief description of your intention or issue.   Using meditation and guidance, Wendy will choose specific crystals and place them in a pattern of sacred geometry around your picture to support your healing or goal.   The crystal healing lattice will be kept in place for two months. and the cost is $150.