Distance Healing and the Universal Field


Like waves rising out of the ocean, living beings are a coalescence of energy within the universal field, constantly exchanging information with the quantum sea of energy.  The universal energies move in and out of our individual fields in processes similar to breathing, drinking and eating.  Each of us has our own selective filters for absorbing, translating or deflecting various energies.   Certain states of mind or activity can unlock or shut off this information access just as a cell phone is required to translate a particular radio wave into sound waves receivable by the human ear.

Just as waves cannot be separated from the ocean, the localized energy fields I call “me” are in constant communication and connection with the dynamic and interdependent whole.  At our essence, we exist as a unity, interdependent parts affecting the whole in this vast quantum web of interconnection.    Aware of it or not, each of us is intimately and immediately connected with everyone and everything throughout the universe.   Every one of our actions, thoughts and emotions is an energy pattern that affects the whole.

Familiar connections between people transpire through the physical senses of touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste.   Distance healing may be facilitated by telephone or Skype, but the essential connection occurs through the web of interconnection that is the universal field.    Distance healing without the telephone connection is called a remote session.   Distance healing practitioners employ the subtle intuitive senses accessed through the alpha heart-mind to read the energy field of the client, much as one turns the radio dial to isolate one station’s broadcast out of the myriad radio waves in space.

Distance healing works through morphic resonance, which is the “influence of like upon like through or across space and time” (Rupert Sheldrake).*   When the healer and client are connected, the resonance occurs as naturally as two tuning forks of the same pitch that vibrate together after only one of them has been struck.   From the place of resonance, we open to new information and possibilities that can inspire your own system to reorganize itself toward greater balance and coherence.   The expansion and transformation of limiting beliefs and old coping patterns into greater states of awareness and freedom can be likened to the ripple formation caused when a pebble is dropped into water.