Energy Medicine

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine


What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is a gentle yet powerful holistic approach to restoring health.   Safe, fun and relaxing, energy healing sessions result in subtle shifts in the energetic communication of our bodies that can result in profound improvements towards health and well being.

Our bodies know how to heal themselves.  Each of us replaces billions of cells every day!   When we experience imbalance, dis-ease, or a lack of heath, energetic disharmony and communication breakdowns are affecting our body’s ability to heal.   It’s like we are somehow disconnected from parts of ourselves.  Rather than trying to fix the body with strong and invasive treatments like surgery and drugs, energy medicine simply repairs the broken communication circuits, so that our brains can communicate with our bodies.   Then our bodies can heal naturally, the way nature designed.

Energy medicine is holistic in that it works on all levels of our body mind complex – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  So often we are trying to do one thing (such as eating a healthy diet) and our body through habit is doing another.   This creates conflict, and we struggle with and feel bad about ourselves.  Holding internal conflict takes a lot of energy, which is then not available to our natural healing systems.  It also causes our energetic communication flows to become blocked, leading to imbalances and breakdowns that eventually result in illness and disease.  Energy healing helps us resolves inner conflicts by re-establishing communication and harmony throughout our entire body-mind.   With its resources restored, our inner wisdom naturally restores our inner balance and well-being.

Clinical experience has shown that when energetic communication is restored and resources available, our bodies can heal in amazing ways.   After receiving one or more sessions of energy healing, many people report decreased pain, increased well-being, and greater vitality, creativity, and joy.   The health problems that have improved after energy treatment include:  headaches, migraines, learning disorders, pain syndromes, endocrine imbalances, digestive disorders, eating disorders, female reproductive imbalances, PMS, addictions, immune disorders, auto-immune conditions, allergies, viruses and infections, depression, PTSD, trauma, fears and phobias, self-esteem issues and many more.


Why Try Energy Medicine?

People try energy medicine for lots of reasons.   Energetic treatment can be helpful whenever there is disharmony in any aspect of your life: your health, work, relationships, family, emotional or spiritual life.  When we move to the energetic level, we are not stuck in the story.  The stories that we tell ourselves every day helps us stay stuck in our old ways of thinking and reacting.   The story level is sticky like velcro, and hard to move.  Who can change their past?   When we work on the energetic level, we can release old patterns and hurts much more quickly and easily.

Energy medicine can be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine, and can enhance other therapies.   Physically, energy medicine can help decrease or eliminate pain and other symptoms, speed recovery and promote the balance that prevents illness.   Emotionally, energetic approaches help release the charge from painful memories, enable us to feel imbalanced and centered, and be emotionally more resilient.  Mentally, energy work enhances clarity and our ability to pursue our goals.  Spiritually, energy approaches can assists in connecting us with our soul purposes and spiritual resources.  These are powerful outcomes for a relatively inexpensive, safe and effective treatment.

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Benefits of  Energy Wisdom Sessions

Our body’s natural healing processes are activated, accelerated and supported when it’s energetic fields are balanced, harmonized and synchronized.   The results can be profound.

Individual results vary, but generally people report feeling:

  • Expanded, peaceful and calm
  • Less stress and tension
  • Pain reduced or eliminated
  • Free of internal struggle and tension
  • More vitality and well being
  • Connected to something greater

Additionally, they report:

  • Symptoms reduced or eliminated
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Quicker recover from injury, illness or surgery
  • Better structural alignment
  • Emotional issues resolving
  • Destructive and addictive behaviors disappearing
  • Better resilience to stress
  • Fewer illnesses


Energy Fields Are Blueprints

We are energy.  Every living organism can be seen both as a physical body and as a network of complex energy fields.  These fields permeate space, are constantly interacting with the environment, and interface with physical cellular systems.    One of Einstein’s greatest insights was to realize that matter and energy are really different forms of the same phenomena, as in his equation E=mc2.  Scientists have verified and charted many of the electromagnetic fields comprising the human energy field or biofield using scientific instruments and specialized forms of photography.    Learn more>>


Levels of Energy Medicine

Energy medicine uses specialized forms of energy and information to balance, harmonize and synchronize the energetic fields or blueprints that may be creating states of dis-ease.    Different approaches and techniques have developed around the world and through the ages, each with it’s own unique contribution.  At Energy Wisdom, we recognize three distinct levels or paradigms of energy healing.  Learn more>>