Levels of Energy Medicine

It is possible that human emanations exist that are still unknown to us.   Do you remember how electrical currents and “unseen waves” were laughted at?   The knowledge about man is still in it’s infancy.  – Albert Einstein


Energy medicine uses specialized forms of energy and information to balance, harmonize and synchronize the energetic fields or blueprints that may be creating states of dis-ease.    Different approaches and techniques have developed around the world and through the ages, each with it’s own unique contribution.  At Energy Wisdom, we recognize three distinct levels or paradigms of energy healing.

Level 1: Let if flow!

The first level of energy healing focuses on quantity and flow of energy.   From this perspective, illness is caused by energy blockage and stagnation.   Healings interventions are designed to clear blockage and stagnation to restore free flow and balance.  If the overall energy is too low, then energy from the universal field may be channeled in to augment the body’s own energy.   If there are imbalances between energy pathways, such as acupuncture meridians or yogic chakras, then techniques to rebalance the energies between systems may be employed.

Modalities that typify this level of energy healing include Reiki, External Qi Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM acupuncture), and Asian bodywork forms such as shiatsu and acupressure.



Level 2: Quantum shifts in Information Fields

The second level of energy healing focuses on quality of information rather than quantity of energy.   From this perspective, illness is caused by distortions in information fields that make up an active, resonating matrix of interacting belief systems.   Old experiences and stories hold toxic energy imprints, and become the basis for limiting beliefs about ourselves and our world.  We all develop self-limiting beliefs about ourselves as children, along with coping strategies to deal with those beliefs.   Limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “I’m not lovable”, “I’m not supported”, or “it’s hard to make money” become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Healing at this level focuses on the vibrations and waveforms which constitute the higher order energetic blueprints rather than the specific energy channels and flows which are closer to the physical body.   The vibrations and waveforms in this matrix can be changed, and then when the wave functions are “collapsed” the physical body can reflect the new way of being.  As old memories and stories are surfaced to the light of consciousness, their power to control from deep within the subconscious becomes weakened.  Seen from a new perspective, the old stories become transformed into life experience that leads to wisdom, rather than blocks to self-expression.

At this level, healing interventions provide presence, awareness, mirroring, new information and resources so that the client’s innate intelligence can experience an “ah ha” insight, spontaneously re-organizing to a higher order of awareness and function.   Resources at this level include high level frequencies and waveforms, information, healing strategies, elevated consciousness, knowledge and wisdom.

Modalities that typify this level of energy healing include:  The BodyTalk System ®, Matrix Energetics ®, Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT ®, and Five element acupuncture.

Level 3: Expanding Consciousness and Connecting with Universal Energy

The third level of healing focuses on our connection to source, spirit and soul.  Energy work at this level assists us in developing higher aspects of mind, discovering expanded spiritual/dimensional awareness, and establishing a strong and harmonious connection with the higher spiritual realms.  This level has been called the ‘gateway to expanded healing’ which opens our pathway to the inner ancient wisdom and gives the capability of accessing universal knowledge.

While healing at the second level focuses on correcting distortions in information fields that are the cause of imbalance and illness, healing at the third level focuses on unlocking encoded ancient wisdom stored as memory in information fields of finer frequencies.  This encoded information can only be accessed by dramatically altering one’s consciousness level.

Healing at this level involves aligning and opening the expanded field of the heart, sometimes called the heart-mind.  This involves integrating the feeling aspect of the heart with the thinking aspect of the heart.   When the expanded heart field is opened and aligned harmoniously, frequencies of universal love expand throughout the energy field, facilitating healing at all levels.   This process sets in motion the correct vibrational fields for accessing higher states of consciousness.

Consistent spiritual practice is vital at this level of healing.   Consistent practice forges necessary pathways to our innermost sanctuary or spiritual core and also our higher energy centers or transpersonal chakras.   These pathways are not just metaphysical or metaphorical, but also physiologic at levels of subtle energy rather than physicality.   Modalities that are designed to facilitate the development of these subtle energy pathways and assist healing at the third level include the PaRama BodyTalk, Matrix Energetics, Esoteric Acupuncture and spiritual disciplines such as meditation, contemplation, prayer, yoga and Qigong.


Which level of energy medicine is right for me?

The level of energy medicine which is most appropriate for you depends upon your situation and your personal goals.   When sick or ill, few people in the modern world visit their spiritual advisor rather than their physician, though this would have been the norm in many traditional and tribal societies.

In general, healing techniques focused on improving quantity and flow of energies (Level 1) could well provide symptom relief, but are less likely to shift the underlying causal factors of disease which are usually locked into higher order informational fields.  Because these models are closely tied to the physical body, these systems tend to be more generally available and easily understandable to the general populace.

More and more Level 2 systems are being brought forth in the modern world, many drawing from the language and understanding of modern physics.   Classical Level 2 systems such as Native and Shamanic traditions are being revived.   If you desire transformation of the underlying causal factors for your issues, look for a Level 2 system and practitioner that resonates with your own way of understanding.

Level 3 healing is on the very forefront of the field of energy medicine.   Regardless of training, any healing practitioner can practice at the third level based upon their own level of consciousness development, and master practitioners of most traditions facilitate some Level 3 healing.


Which level of energy medicine will I receive at Energy Wisdom? 

Energy Wisdom energy work is based primarily in the second and third levels, although Wendy Nelson has trained in a variety of modalities at each level.   Energy wisdom work does not involve channeling, running or beaming streams of energy towards you, but rather accessing and shifting patterns of information through conscious intent and the transformative power of the heart field.   The updated energetic blueprints then provide the body with new information so that it can spontaneously reorganize and better respond to its environment.   One way to envision this process is to imagine tossing a handful of pebbles into a still pond.   The pebbles could be fresh insights and perspectives or new informational patterns, and the ripples the transformational effects cascading throughout the human energy field.


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