Wendy Nelson


Energy Medicine Practitioner

Journeywork Facilitator

Nutritional Counselor



Wendy Nelson is a gifted practitioner, teacher and innovator in the fields of health, personal development and spiritual growth.   She brings over 25 years experience in alternative healthcare to her distance healing practice guiding clients from all over the world.  Her comprehensive approach to holistic healing integrates western and eastern energy modalities, bioenergetic and functional medicine, nutrition, and a deep appreciation for the psycho-spiritual roots of dis-ease.   Wendy has training and experience as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Asian Bodywork Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist, and Integrative Nutrition Therapist.  She is a certified BodyTalk Instructor, Qigong Teacher, Franklin Method Level 1 movement educator, and has been a Buddhist meditation instructor for over 30 years.Wendy has a special gift for recognizing and facilitating her client’s inner wisdom and deeper Soul purposes.  By helping individuals tap into the innate wisdom of their hearts, the subconscious belief systems and inner conflicts that underlie their presenting symptoms and problems spontaneously unravel.   With gentle encouragement, non-judgmental mirroring, and clear perception, Wendy creates a crucible where limiting beliefs can be released and transcended.  Clients report experiencing their sessions as a sacred time and space for reconnecting at the soul levels that facilitate true and deep healing.A born educator, Wendy delights in empowering people by teaching potent but simple techniques for self care that restore innate balance, vitality and well-being.  She also teaches a variety of classes in Energy Wisdom traditions, including Qigong and the BodyTalk System ®.In her distance healing practice, Wendy helps people seeking assistance with a wide variety of physical and psychological ailments, including acute and chronic pain, headaches, seizures and strokes, immune system disorders and infections, digestive issues, pre- and post- surgery preparation, chemotherapy support, food and environmental sensitivities, reproductive problems, PMS, insomnia, depression, anxiety, learning disorders, self-esteem issues and a host of other symptoms.   Each person receives a truly holistic treatment, uniquely suited to their individual needs.If you experience symptoms of dis-ease, loss, trauma or pain, you can still wake up to the dawn and reignite the seeds of energy, wisdom and love in your life.  It’s not too late!  Make a commitment to yourself and locate a guide to assist your journey to wellness and beyond.    Book your session today!


Asian Healing Systems

Esoteric Acupuncture and Advanced Energy Healing 
Qigong Healing Touch
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupuressure


Certified Massage Therapist
Craniosacral Therapy
Visceral Manipulation 
Lymphatic Drainage 


MA, Counseling Psychology
Hakomi Integrative Somatics
Integrative Body Psychotherapy
Body-Mind Iintegration
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Emotional Freedom Technique 

Bioenergetic and Functional Medicine

Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist 
Bioenergetic Methodolgies
Functional Endocrinology 
Functional Blood Chemistry
Functional Thyroid Health  

Wendy’s Background

Wendy’s background in Asian Bodywork Therapy and Qigong Healing includes training in Jin Shin Do ™ BodyMind Acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu ™, various forms of Shiatsu, a five-year program in Chi Kung Healing Touch ™, Esoteric Acupuncture, and various forms of Qigong (Chi Kung).  Her training as a Massage Therapist has included advanced training in Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Orthopedic Evaluation, Polarity Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology.

Wendy’s background in Somatic Psychotherapy includes a Master’s degree plus post-graduate programs in Hakomi Integrative Somatics, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Body-Mind Integration, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Technique.   Her training in facilitated Journeywork includes training in Transpersonal and Archetypal Hypnotherapy and guided imagery.  Her training as in nutrition includes certification as an Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist, plus classes in nutritional specialties including functional nutrition for brain health, endocrine and thyroid balance, and blood sugar balance.

Wendy is an advanced certified practitioner and certified instructor of the BodyTalk System, and has received training in Applied kinesiology and Matrix Energetics.  She is also a certified Qigong teacher and Franklin Method Level 1 Instructor and has been a Buddhist meditation instructor for 30 years.