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Your Body is Talking…
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Runner with Red DotsFree Public Lecture & Demonstration

April 16, 2015 – We apologize – due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been cancelled

presented by
Wendy J. Nelson, MA, CMT, CBI, PaRama BP

The Boulder Inn, 770 28th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80303

Most of our aches, pains and other physical symptoms are not the result of a single injury such as a sprain, but instead result from a complex interlocking set of causal factors.    These hidden causes of dis-ease include emotional, mental, inherited, and environmental factors in addition to physiological and structural factors.BodyTalk is a system that teaches practitioners to be expert listeners.  By listening to each body’s unique story, BodyTalk practitioners help the client’s body-mind identify the communication breakdowns causing imbalance and dis-ease.  Once the body’s internal parts and systems are synchronized and integrated again, the body can heal itself, naturally!Join local instructor, Wendy Nelson, for a free presentation to learn how BodyTalk can help you manage stress, facilitate physical and emotional healing, and enhance sports or academic performance.   You will learn a one-minute technique to reduce stress and balance brain function, and watch a BodyTalk demonstration with a lucky volunteer from the audience.
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Wendy Nelson, MA, CMT, CBI
has been a student and teacher of Wisdom traditions for 30 years. She is a Certified BodyTalk Instructor, Asian Bodywork Practitioner, Certified Qigong Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist, Integrative Nutritionist and Somatic Psychotherapist. She loves teaching people to connect with their own innate healing capabilities. You can contact Wendy directly at (303) 335-0305 or via our contact page.