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**** Due to the Corona Virus Outbreak, Sessions for New Clients are available over the Telephone, and via Zoom Video meetings, but not In Person *****

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Wendy NelsonWelcome!  I look forward to working with you.

Every Energy Wisdom session begins by creating the space for you to set forth your focus (concerns and goals) and intentions for the session.   Our first session together provides the opportunity to take a deeper look at your life history and background, and how your life experiences have contributed to your current situation and concerns.

As you describe what is going on in your life now, and any background information you chose to share, your energy patterns will be activated.  I will be tracking your patterns energetically as you tell your story, asking occasional questions for clarification.   It’s a little bit like watching a movie on an energy screen – the plot is your life story, and the soundtrack shifts to certain musical or energetic themes when different characters in your life come on screen.   I notice the similarity between the energetic theme that runs when you tell a childhood story and again a story from your current life.

Through this process, I gain insight into how the energy blueprints you inherited and imprints you developed in response to life’s experiences are contributing to your current situation.   Re-occuring structures of energy organization act as blueprints that then guide your thoughts, emotional reactions, and physical responses.

Since some your patterns have become activated in the telling, they are now “up” and available for release, re-evaluation and change.   Our joint focus, intention and presence allows your body’s innate wisdom to shift old ways of organizing and reacting to more functional, balanced and effortless ways of responding.  During each session, I am guided as to which modalities, techniques or resources to use to best facilitate your healing.

How much you are able to shift after one session depends on the level of conscious and subconscious attachment to the original patterning.   If you are really done with an old pattern and ready to let go at all levels, it is certainly possible to release and reorganize in a single session.   When there are multiple factors holding a pattern in place, a series of sessions where one builds upon anther may be necessary to achieve the changes you desire.

New client initial sessions cost slightly more than follow-up sessions due to the extra time involved.  A cost effective option is to purchase a 3 or 6 session package, for a savings of $70- $170 over standard fees. For more details on fees and packages, click here. If you have any questions, you are welcome contact me.