**** Due to the Corona Virus Outbreak, the staff of Energy Wisdom is supporting social distancing policies by providing sessions over the Telephone, but not In Person *****

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C Clark

Private Sessions

Distance healing is our specialty, so most Energy Wisdom sessions are received in the comfort of your own home.   Sessions can be scheduled to allow for telephone conversation at the time of the healing work (telephone session), or you may sign up for a flexible timing remote session where the energy healing is performed at the time of day that is optimal for your body’s rhythms within a given 24 hour period (flextime remote sessions).    For more details private sessions, click here.

Crystal Healing Lattice

A crystal healing lattice is a specific arrangement of crystals programmed with a specific intent in support of your healing or specific goal.   For more details on Crystal Healing Lattices, click here.