Healing Testimonials

“Wendy – I don’t know what you did – but it’s like night and day!  In your first session, I saw my 29 year old daughter’s lifelong autoimmune condition turn completely around before my very eyes!  She has the energy to live and enjoy her life again.  Thank-you, Thank-you.”  – Sandy Mandel, loving mother & retired schoolteacher.

“I achieved more healing in one session with Wendy than I have with years of medicinal and psychiatric treatment.   A few months later, 80% of my symptoms are gone!   Bless you, Wendy.  You have changed my life.”    – Sheri Sandel, diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS, etc.

 “My recovery from knee surgery surprised the doctor, nurses and physical therapists.   I know it would not have gone so well without the distance BodyTalk sessions.   Thank-you, Wendy.”  – Marilyn, knee replacement recipient.

“Wow – I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My beloved dog was so sick, I was afraid of losing her.  She couldn’t walk, and was in renal failure, and trembling all over – for 3 days.   We were guessing it was melamine in old dog food.  Ten minutes after the phone session, she got up and walked outside to pee.”   – Tess, loving dog owner.

“Thank you so much.  I would not have had such a rich surgery experience without seeing deeper into my cancer journey.  And, I have a new confidence as the journey continues!  I am more grateful than words.”   –  WM,  cancer survivor

“My 16-year old sun had this nasty flu going on 3 weeks.   He was really stressed about missing basketball practice.   He was back on the court two days after his session with Wendy.   I overheard him telling his friends ‘BodyTalk works!’.  Thanks.”   – ND, busy mom


Teaching Testimonials

“Wendy Nelson is extraordinary – a very gifted instructor.”  – Gwyneth Welc, Artist & Teacher

 “Wendy’s enthusiasm for practicing and teaching BodyTalk is contagious and obvious.”   – Beth Anne Fisher, Physical Therapist

“Wendy speaks from her heart.”  – Cheryl Gebhart, Employment Counselor

“Wendy is genuinely interested in the progress of the student and is very effective in reassuring the students as to their ability to learn and master the techniques, and anticipates the areas of confusion.  .    I am happy to heartily recommend Wendy Nelson to all aspiring BodyTalk students.”  –  Dr. John R. Bedingfield, Jr., MD, FACS, General and Vascular Surgeon, (ret.).