Healing Testimonials

Transform Chronic Illnesses

“Wendy – I don’t know what you did – but it’s like night and day!  My 29 year old daughter has suffered from autoimmune issues her whole life.   She has tried western medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, and the BodyTalk System on her path to heal holistically.   Wendy Nelson’s first session completely turned my daughter around!   She has the energy to live and enjoy her life again.   Thank-you, thank-you.”   – Sandy Mandel, loving mother & retired schoolteacher, Denver.

“Wendy Nelson is an exceptionally gifted and compassionate healer.   With Wendy as its facilitator, the BodyTalk System helped me to recognize and release wounds that I have carried with me for over 10 years – eventually manifesting themselves as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Migraines, Chronic Depression, Adrenal Fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Having desperately and unsuccessfully tried nearly every type of healing system, both traditional and alternative – I can say without hesitation that I achieved more healing in one session with Wendy than I have with years of medicinal and psychiatric treatment.  My symptoms are 80% gone after one session!   I believe BodyTalk to be the most advanced and effective healing tool available to us on this planet.   We all need it.   Bless you and thank-you, Wendy.  You have changed my life.”   – Sheri Sandel, Texas.

Recover from Surgery

“I want to thank you for all your help during my knee replacement.  The spirits had to work overtime and thank goodness they did!  What was supposed to be a one hour operation turned into three hours.   My recovery surprised the doctor, nurses and physical therapists.   I had a few complications, but came through all of it amazingly quickly, considering.  My new knee is better than I ever thought it could be.  It’s so wonderful to be able to walk without pain.  I know it would not have gone so well without the BodyTalk sessions.  I wish everyone in the world was aware of the power of natural healing.”   –  Marilyn, Colorado.

Connect with Soul Purpose

“I have never seen my soul purpose so clearly, or felt so in touch with what I came to do as after working with Wendy.”,  DS, Colorado.

“I feel like I’m lighter… a burden has sort of been lifted.  I also feel like I am more in my body, more grounded… and better able to more clearly communicate my feelings.”   – Abby B., Physical Therapist

Support for your Spiritual Path

“Wow – my crown chakra really opened up after the AcuCrystal ™ Advanced Energy Healing Treatment.  It was like someone took the roof off my head!  Its amazing to have an actual experience of feeling connected to everything (rather knowing the concept of oneness).   Thanks – I’m looking forward to the next session. ”   – Jackie, yoga practitioner.  

“Hi, Wendy, I guess you’re right.   Having a more harmonized and balanced energy field does help with meditation.   After the AcuCrystal ™ mandala had been in place for a few days, I noticed that my mind feels quieter, more settled and spacious when I meditate.  And, my family commented that I’m less tense and stressed out! ”   – David, 30 year  meditator and practicing Buddhist

Harmonize Hormonal Issues

“When I reached puberty, I began having very heavy, difficult periods.  I was literally losing one week a month because of the severity of the bleeding and pain. My tipping point was about 4 years ago when I was on the bathroom floor at work unable to get up and they wanted to call the ambulance.  I knew I had to do something.  I was told by my gynecologist that I would have to either stay on the pill until menopause or have an ablation to reduce the effects of my excruciating periods. I wanted a solution to the problem, not a treatment of the symptom.  I went to Wendy Nelson and in only 3 sessions, I began having normal periods for the first time in my life and continue to do so.  I am forever grateful to this gifted individual who transformed my life.”   – CC, Colorado.

Resolve Acute Illness Quickly

“Wendy, Thank-you so much for the session that cleared up my urinary tract infection.”   – DC, Las Vegas, NV.

“My 16-year old sun had this nasty flu going on 3 weeks.   He was really stressed about missing basketball practice.   He was better two days after his session with Wendy and back on the court again.   I overheard him telling his friends ‘BodyTalk works!’.  Thanks.”   – ND, busy mom

 Restore Vitality

“I thought it was my old dog’s final days – but then he just got up, started walking and taking an interest in life again.  Amazing!”   – Carol, Relieved dog guardian

Release Stress and Relax

“I enjoyed looking at life from a new refreshing point of view.  My body feels more relaxed inside, too.”   –  Curtis Williams, Equipment Operator, Deadwood SD.


Teaching Testimonials

“I have been fortunate to benefit from Wendy’s extraordinary teaching abilities both as her student and her coordinator for classes.  Personally, she helped me integrate BodyTalk into my private practice as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, which assisted me in developing a thriving practice with a wait list and, more importantly, a deeply satisfying career.  I’ve witnessed her nurture and teach a wide variety of students from such varied backgrounds as a surgeon, nurse, concrete layer, grandmother, medical epidemiologist, insurance agent, yoga teacher, lawyer, massage therapist, snowboarder, medical counselor, social worker, school board member, advanced Rolfer, homeopathic representative, homeschooler, acupuncturist, asphalt layer, veterinarian assistant, psychologist, counselor, therapist and student.  Her natural ability to present the information to support individual synthesis of the material according to learning style, lifestyle, and professional application is what merits Wendy the title of master teacher.  I whole-heartedly recommend her as an instructor, mentor, and guide with deep innate wisdom and a warm, intuitive heart. ”  –  Melanie L. Palm, PRYT, AdvCBP, PaRama BP, Rapid City, SD, 2/2013.   www.BodyWisdomMelaniePalm.com

“I have had the privilege and pleasure of receiving instruction from Wendy Nelson in BodyTalk.  She proved to be a talented instructor as well as a gifted practitioner.   Her expertise in other modalities added tremendously to my enjoyment and understanding of the material.   She is genuinely interested in the progress of the student and is very effective in reassuring the students as to their ability to learn and master the techniques, and anticipates the areas of confusion.   Her pleasant personality and lack of ego, in addition to a great sense of humor greatly enhances the learning environment and creates an overall very enjoyable experience.    I am happy to heartily recommend Wendy Nelson to all aspiring BodyTalk students.”   – Dr. John R. Bedingfield, Jr., MD, FACS, General and Vascular Surgeon, (ret.), Rapid City, SD, 11/6/11.

“This is the best instructor I’ve ever had!  She hit every area so as I could learn the material in the way I understand it (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical).   She was very thorough in the BodyTalk protocol and was able to teach us on all levels so as to understand the procedures.   I would recommend any of her classes to prospective students.   I am looking forward to being taught by her in the future.   Thank-you so much!! ”  – Barbara K Schlaegel, Business Owner, Jensen, Utah, 10/16/11.

 “Wendy found a way to make a class I’ve taken twice before new and interesting.   Her depth of knowledge is incredible.   I love learning from her and would definitely recommend taking a class with her.”   – Katy D. Austin, TX, 10/17/11.

“Wendy’s enthusiasm for practicing and teaching BodyTalk is contagious and obvious.   Her teaching style is patient, engaging and individualized.   I appreciated taking the 2-day integration class with Wendy because she was able to tailor the class to fit the needs of the students more specifically for not being brand new to BodyTalk, but also not yet certified.   It was incredibly engaging, encouraging, and helpful.”   – Beth Anne Fisher, Physical Therapist, Denver, CO,  10/7/12

“I was glad I decided to take the BodyTalk Fundamentals Intensive.  Wendy has deep knowledge in this subject area and a passion for teaching others.   I found her mentoring and personalized instruction a great extension to BodyTalk Fundamentals.   This class was very beneficial to me as I make the transition from Fundamentals student to CBP.”    – Matt Emenheiser, Engineer, Golden, CO, 10/17/12.

“I truly enjoyed this two day course!  Because the class size was small, Wendy was able to focus more on our individual needs and problem areas / concerns.   I am glad we were also able to focus more on “hands on” BodyTalk during this two day course… whereas in the four day class more emphasis has to be placed on the lecture aspect for the new students.   I enjoyed the relaxed more intimate environment and felt the extra attention from Wendy really paid off, especially during the practice sessions with other students.”    – Kendra Jones, veterinarian, Frederick, CO, 10/7/12.

 “Very enlightening experience.   Wendy was amazing in her ability to be organized and focused while at the same time remaining inspired and grounded.   – Lesley Anne Dzintas, Licensed Professional Counselor, Rapid City, SD, 6/17/12

 “I really enjoyed studying and learning through Wendy’s teaching.   She was very alert to the energies of the class and helpful to be sure that everyone got the most out of the class.   – Cheryl Bennett, Massage Therapist, Prior Lake, MN, 6/17/12

 “Wendy is an enthusiastic instructor who is knowledgeable in many different healing modalities.  As a BodyTalk instructor she does a great job at teaching and exploring the fundamentals with her students.”    – Britton Vidal, RN, LMT, Rapid City, SD, 6/17/12.

 “Wendy, Thank-you for introducing the BodyTalk System with the loving, spiritual way from your heart and knowledge of the brain and body.   I would recommend your class to anyone who would love to help others – be it spiritually or the energy body.”    – Renee Sparks, Energetix Regional Representative, Willisto, ND, 6/17/12

 “I have been so inspired by Wendy, both as a person and as an instructor.   She has an amazing ability to hold space while communicating academia with clarity and insight.”   – Melody Trimmer, Massage Therapist, Rapid City, SD, 6/17/12

 “Wendy speaks from the heart in meeting needs and supporting class participants.  She is very knowledgeable and listens to her innate wisdom.   Thank-you!”   – Cheryl Gebhart, Employment Counselor, New Prague, MN, 6/17/12.

 “Wendy is both clear and precise in her teaching, without losing the gentle forward movement necessary for productive learning.   The material was presented and demonstrated warmly and without rushing, but without a sense of ever rushing or stalling.   Fantastic Teacher!”  –  Jorgen Palm, Student, Rapid City, SD, 6/17/12.

 “Wendy presents a well-organized class coming from a strong knowledge base.   – Scott Swan, Physical Therapist, Boulder, CO  4/16/12.

“I have been a physical therapist for eight years now but have never been encouraged to listen to my innate wisdom as I have with this instructor.   This is going to completely change the way I practice.   – Abby Beattie, Physical Therapist, Boulder, CO, 4/16/12.

 “Wendy is an exceptional BodyTalk instructor.   She’s very patient and compassionate in her approach.   I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am fascinated about learning more about the BodyTalk System.   I am excited about incorporating it into my career as a veterinarian.”   – Kendra Jones, Veterinarian, Frederick, CO, 4/16/12.

 “I just experienced Wendy’s marvelous teaching for the second time, as a monitor for the Fundamentals class.   This led to my certification as a BodyTalk practitioner.   Wendy has encouraged me in every part of the process, and helped me immensely.   I have learned so much from her.   She presents a complex protocol clearly and simply and also gives a tremendous amount of practical knowledge in the process.   I feel well-prepared now to go on to the more advanced classes to enhance my practice.   Thank-you, Wendy!”    Gwyneth Welch, Artist, Da Yen Chi Gung Instructor, Albuquerque, NM, 1/20/2012.

 “Wendy is a very talented teacher with a wealth of information to offer that wouldn’t be easy or possible to learn from books.   She is good at explaining concepts to people with different learning styles and encourages people to learn the way it makes most sense for them.   It’s great to hear “real life” examples of BodyTalk.   I appreciate her humor.”   – Ilze, McMacken, Certified Yoga Instructor, Rapid City, SD, 11/6/11.

 “I loved the depth of knowledge that Wendy has about BodyTalk and many other modalities.   She is exquisitely responsive to the needs of beginners and more advanced practitioners, so the pacing of the class is such that we are all very engaged and learning at our own level.   There was just the right balance of demonstration, lecture and practice.   The demonstrations seemed magical to me in that the energy/environment established with the client felt really sacred and connected – not only with the client, but with the whole class.   I was amazed how you could move in and out of the energy to talk to the class and the client and stay in the “zone”.   I really enjoyed the class and probably will take the next ones.    Thank-you, Wendy!”    – Susan Nolan, School Counselor (ret.), Rapid City, SD, 11/6/11.

 “Wendy provided incredible instruction.    Never once did I feel disconnected or bored.   BodyTalk continues to inspire a passion within me to know more so that I can be utilized by God for a greater purpose in this world!”   – Micki Kennison, Dental Assistant, Paraprofessional Instructor, Rapid City, SD, 11/6/11.

 “Wendy kept order in class and was very organized and kept on track and moving along.   She did well explaining the material.   I really appreciated her keeping the whole class focused by her very skilled teaching abilities.”   – Jean Landsiedel, Washburn, ND, 11/6/11.

 “Wendy is a beautiful soul!  She is extremely tapped into Universal Innate, and facilitates other’s learning to do so.   Her background of varied modalities provides and extremely rich learning experience.   Thank-you, Wendy!”   – Melody Trimmer, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Rapid City, SD, 11/6/11.

 “Wendy has a wonderfully relaxed teaching style, helping students to absorb the information clearly and concisely, yet without stress.   I appreciate her willingness in allowing students the freedom to live and learn “outside the box”.   Thank-you!”   – Chantelle Emond, LMT, Rapid City, SD, 11/6/11.

  “Wendy Nelson is extraordinary – a very gifted instructor.   I taught for many years, and know how much planning, energy, knowledge and hard work go into organizing and executing a seminar of this quality.   Wendy’s integrity and drive to give us all a great experience and the confidence to practice BodyTalk on our own, showed through brilliantly.   An unexpected bonus was the BodyTalk Wendy did on me as a class demonstration.   I am still experiencing major healing shifts a week later, and expect more to come.  I look forward to taking more classes with Wendy!”   – Gwyneth Welch, Teacher, Artist, Da yen Chi Gung Instructor, Albuquerque, NM, 10/24/11.